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For decades this country has embraced the idea of the American Dream; a white picket fence, a green lawn, and a shining sun.  This dream has enticed so many in the past century with it’s promise of freedom and happiness; but is it really attainable for all?  When people imagine this utopian setting with fantasies of stability and security, do they consider what part homogeneity plays in their fantasy? What realities are present in this dream, what is concealed?  This simple vision of America has been perpetuated in film, music and political speech, not only for its iconic value of hope but as a means of powerful propaganda.


We have created a space where the viewer can enter into the American Dream and take in all of its absurdity and artificiality. Our installation invites the audience to look at ideals up close and find all of theirs gimmicks and flaws. The gallery space appears as the perfect utopia from the stairwell window. From this perspective it is inviting and warm, you feel like you’re staring into an advertisement. Once you enter the space you can face the reality, observe all the flaws, the fake grass, artificial colors and materials. The white picket fence is made entirely out of cardboard, leaving you betrayed.


We need to acknowledge how far out of reach the American dream is for marginalized groups. This installation demonstrates the facade and how we a diverse nation need to reconstruct the dream.



Marlon Lainez and Ryan Wilde

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